Q. Who do I contact to get more information on the lot prices?

A. You will need to contact our preferred realtor, Jay Knowles to obtain more information on lot availability and pricing.

Q. Can I get a quote on a custom home?

A. To obtain a quote on a home you will need to contact one of our preferred builders

Q. Do I have to use one of the builders listed on your website?

A. If you are interested in buying or building a townhome, please contact JDC Construction at 812-637-2684 or Jent Construction at 812-926-1311. Please see our site map to see which townhomes will be built by which builder.

Q. Will lawn maintenance & snow removal be provided?

A. Absolutely! The Crossing at Tanners Creek is a master planned community that provides lawn maintenance such as mowing of yards, landscape care twice a year and snow removal. These services allow you to have more time to do the things that you enjoy.

Q. Are there HOA fees and what does this fee cover?

A. Please see our HOA page to read the full explanation of our HOA policies.